About Lord Sauron

Sauron in the guise of Annatar, Lord of Gifts.Sauron Gorthaur the Deceiver, Lord of Barad-dûr is the misunderstood hero and title character of The Lord of the Rings. Because that book was written by filthy Elf-sympathizers, it contains countless lies and deceptions. There is also an unauthorized biography entitled The Silmarillion, of which Lord Sauron is attempting to block publication.

This blog will set the record straight, presenting the true facts, from before the creation of Arda, to the Disaster of Barad-dûr and the Genocide Against the Orcish Peoples by the Men of Gondor.

Formerly a Maia, or spirit, of the Vala (god) Aulë, Sauron served for countless millennia as the servant and Chief Lieutenant of Melkor, Lord of Arda. After Melkor was ambushed by cowardly Valar and Elves and illegally imprisoned in the Outer Dark, Sauron inherited his current position as rightful Lord of the Earth.

Sauron enjoys the scent of burning man-flesh, traditional Orcish drumming, and locating and collecting rare jewelry.

He is not an evil lighthouse.