#40: What the Heck Was That Noise?


Date: Before the Sun and Moon, but after the Count of Time began
My Mood Is: bewildered

We just heard a terrible noise coming out of the far northwest of Middle-Earth. It was the same sound the Orcs make when I torture them, but a million times worse.

It was clearly of supernatural origin, as we could hear it in Angband hundreds of miles away.  Yes, I’ve returned to Angband — it’s my house, and I won’t be driven into hiding because Melkor was too much of a pussy to defeat Manwë and his butt buddies.

Anyway, I’ve sent some of the balrogs to see what it’s all about.


3 Responses to “#40: What the Heck Was That Noise?”

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  2. Námo says:

    What is this slanderous bilge directed against the Lords of the West?

    To Eru you will return soon.

  3. Sauron Gorthaur Sauron Gorthaur says:

    Pft. Is that really you, Mandos? You’re an asshat.

    Seriously. “Oh, I’m Mandos, and I knew that was gonna happen.” Just STFU.

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