SauronFight #1: Sauron vs. Great Cthulhu


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SauronFight #1: Who can defeat the Dark Lord in a fight? This time: Great Cthulhu rises from the sea to face off against his world-destroying rival, the Lord of the Rings! Whoever prevails, the world is doomed!

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3 Responses to “SauronFight #1: Sauron vs. Great Cthulhu”

  1. I am absolutely astounded. I would have thought the two of you were bestest buds. Or was this a promotional fight only?

  2. Sauron Gorthaur Sauron Gorthaur says:

    We were college roomies, and Cthulhu stole my vintage collection of Supertramp LPs. A reckoning was long overdue.

  3. Yep… that’d do it alright.

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