#9: Melkor Is Really A Sensitive Guy


Date: Before the Beginning of Time
My Mood Is: righteously indignant

I had a chance to talk to Melkor today. He’s really down about how Eru reacted to our music. I thought it was because Melkor was afraid of being punished — but really, he’s just afraid he might have lost Eru as his best friend.

Turns out that now Eru is spending all His time with that little weasel, Manwë. I mean, who was this guy two days ago? Nobody! Now he’s palling around with Ilúvatar?

I just can’t believe that Eru is so flighty, so changeable. Doesn’t He have any loyalty? After everything Melkor has done for Him, after all their history together?

Melkor just wants to let it go, and try to get back in Eru’s good graces. I said I wanted to complain, but Melkor forbade it.

I can’t believe all our plans are going to end like this.


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